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Daily Cruises in Greece & Cyprus

Daily Cruise from Athens

One day cruise with a sailing boat from Athens to Aegina or Agistri island. A unique opportunity to explore the Saronic gulf.

Athens Riviera

Private and Luxury daily cruise from Alimos marina with a motor yacht. Explore Athens Riviera and enjoy the sea and the sun.

Daily Cruise from Larnaca

Let us lead you to the next adventure from Larnaca marina with our sailing boat. An ideal cruise for fishing and explore the coast.

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Yacht charter in Greece with our certified monohulls, catamarans and crewed boats makes your vacations comfortable and safe. Our vision is to add only quality yachts for our sailors.

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Check our boats, message to the yacht owner and book with an easy-to-use booking platform. Send us your request for any destination you like and our team will guide you for the best option.

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Keep in mind that skipper, hostess, provisions and leisure equipment remain options to make your yachting vacation complete and explore the crystal waters around the Greek islands.

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It was amazing trip in Dodecanese area

 Yacht charter in Greece with Weekcruise

You are thinking or planing to rent a boat in Greece to discover the thousands of islands? We are here to help you to book the ideal yacht for this adventure. In our site you will find sailing boats, catamarans and motor boats ready to sail with or without a captain. The first step is to choose your starting point for your vacations, some of the most popular bases are Athens in Alimos marina, Lavrion near to Athens international airport, Mykonos & Paros in Cyclades territory, Rhodes & Kos in Dodecanese area, Corfu & Lefkas at Ionian sea and many more.

 The second choice is to select the type of the boat that you want for your sailing holidays. Monohulls sailing boats have the ability to sail close to the wind, less worries to find a place for mooring in the harbour and they offers the authentic experience of sailing. From the other side we have catamarans which are offering more space that means private space and more amenities, natural stability creating smoother cruising, shallow draft which give access to areas that monohull can’t reach and more manoeuvrability makes the docking easy job. Finally motor boats are for those who wants to travel fast between the Greek islands, more luxury holidays and enjoy the sea and the sun more private.

Yacht charter in Greece

Our yacht charter bases in Greece

Yacht charter Athens: Is one of the oldest town in the world and the capital of Greece. If you book a yacht from Athens we recommend to visit the center of Athens and visit the ancients sightseeing. For one week charter the advantage from Athens is that you can visit Cyclades and if there are strong winds you have the option to stay in Saronic gulf  which is always calm.

Yacht charter Rhodes: The diamond in Dodecanese area and the largest island. It has the best air connection from Europe and not only. The most yachts that are added to our website are based in Mandraki port which is located to the old town and also has the lowest mooring fees, so it worth to stay one or two nights and explore one of the best old town in Europe.

Yacht charter Mykonos: Is the most famous Greek island especially for the majestic beaches, the summer parties and the celebrities visitors. The yachts are based to the new port called Tourlos which is 2 km north from the town. If you are going to start your yacht vacations from here and you are not experience sailor we suggest to hire a skipper because usually exists strong winds and gusts.